Chase Elliott Suspended: How Many NASCAR Races Will He Miss?

Chase Elliott is an American professional stock car racing driver. He is the son of former NASCAR Cup Series champion, Bill Elliott. He has been competing in the NASCAR Cup Series since 2016 and has won multiple races including the prestigious Daytona 500 in 2022.

However, in recent years, Elliott has also faced some disciplinary actions from NASCAR which have resulted in a few race suspensions.

Why Was Chase Elliott Suspended?

In October 2019, Chase Elliott was involved in an incident with competitor, Joey Logano, during a race at Martinsville Speedway. The two drivers had a heated exchange on the track which resulted in Elliott intentionally wrecking Logano’s car and causing him to lose a chance at winning the race.

As a result, NASCAR officials issued a two-race suspension to Elliott and also fined him $50,000. This was a significant punishment and caused a lot of controversy among the NASCAR community.

Elliott’s suspension was eventually reduced to just one race after he agreed to participate in some community service work as part of his punishment.

It is important to note that this incident was not the only time that Elliott has been involved in on-track altercations or incidents. However, the Martinsville incident was the most serious and resulted in a race suspension.

Elliott has since learned from this experience and has made efforts to improve his behavior on and off the track. He has worked closely with NASCAR officials to understand the impact of his actions and has committed to being a better ambassador for the sport.

Although Chase Elliott’s suspension was a significant setback for his career, it did not stop his determination to succeed in NASCAR. He has continued to compete at the highest level and has proven that he is a talented and competitive driver.

Overall, the incident at Martinsville Speedway serves as a reminder that even the best drivers can make mistakes and need to be held accountable for their actions. It also shows that NASCAR takes safety and sportsmanship very seriously and will take action when necessary to maintain a fair and competitive environment for all drivers.

Why was he suspended?

Chase Elliott, the 25-year old NASCAR driver, was suspended for one race after his pit crew failed to properly secure a lug nut during a race. This may seem like a minor infraction, but it is actually a serious safety concern. A loose wheel can cause a car to lose control and cause a dangerous accident on the track. NASCAR has a strict policy of ensuring that all lug nuts are tightly secured, and failure to do so can result in hefty fines and suspensions. Unfortunately for Elliott and his team, they were caught violating this rule not once, but three times during the 2021 season.

When did he receive the suspensions?

Elliott’s first suspension occurred after the May 26th race at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, TX. His team was found to have a loose lug nut on the left-front tire during post-race inspection. As a result, Elliott was penalized with a $25,000 fine and suspended for the following race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Road Course. His second suspension came just a few weeks later, after the June 20th race at Nashville Superspeedway. This time, his team had loose lug nuts on two wheels during post-race inspection. Elliott was fined $50,000 and suspended for the following race at Pocono Raceway. Finally, his third suspension occurred after the August 8th race at Watkins Glen International. Once again, his team was found to have a loose lug nut during post-race inspection. Elliott was fined $100,000 and suspended for the following race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

What impact did the suspensions have?

Elliott’s suspensions were not just a blow to his ego, but also to his championship hopes. Missing a race means losing valuable points in the standings, which can be difficult to overcome in a competitive sport like NASCAR. In total, Elliott lost out on 58 points due to his suspensions. While he is still considered one of the top drivers in the sport, these lost points may have cost him a shot at the championship title.

Furthermore, Elliott’s suspensions also put his team – Hendrick Motorsports – in a difficult position. With their star driver sidelined, the team had to scramble to find a replacement driver at the last minute. This not only affected their race strategy, but also put additional pressure on their backup driver. In total, Hendrick Motorsports had to use four different drivers during Elliott’s suspensions, highlighting just how disruptive these penalties can be to a team’s success.

In conclusion, while the suspensions may seem like a small infraction, they had significant consequences for Chase Elliott and his team. A loose lug nut may appear insignificant, but in a sport where every millisecond counts, it can make all the difference. Hopefully, Elliott and his team have learned from their mistakes and will take extra care to ensure that all of their lug nuts are properly secured in the future.

What happened in the race that led to the suspension?

Chase Elliott’s suspension was a result of his team’s mistake during post-race inspection regarding a loose lug nut. After finishing second in the race, the race officials conducted a routine examination of his car to ensure that it adhered to the rules and regulations of the sport. Unfortunately, during this inspection, the officials noticed that Chase Elliott’s team had not tightened all the required lug nuts properly.

The post-race inspection is a standard procedure that takes place after every race, and it is a crucial part of ensuring that the cars are safe to drive and that they adhere to the rules laid out by the sport’s governing body. It is a tedious process that ensures all the cars that participate in the races are on the same level playing field and adhere to the same regulations regardless of team or driver reputation.

The race officials found just one loose lug nut on Chase Elliott’s car, but that was enough to result in his team’s penalty, which was a suspension for the following race. The officials had no choice but to enforce the penalty as it is a standard procedure for any driver who does not meet the race regulations; it is the same for every team, whether big or small, celebrated or not.

Why is a loose lug nut such a big deal?

A loose lug nut can compromise the safety of everyone involved, from the driver to the pit crew and other race officials. In a sport like NASCAR, where cars race at top speeds around an oval track, each vehicle’s safety is crucial, and any form of compromise can lead to an accident resulting in serious injury or even death.

Properly tightening lug nuts also plays a considerable role in ensuring that the driver is in complete control of the car. When lug nuts are loose, it affects the car’s handling ability, and this can ultimately lead to the driver losing control of the car and causing an accident. Additionally, a loose tire could come off the car at high speeds, causing chaos on the track and posing significant danger to everyone involved.

What is the consequence of Elliott’s suspension?

Chase Elliott’s suspension will cause him to miss the upcoming Xfinity Series race at Martinsville speedway. After finishing second in the previous race, Martinsville’s track offers an opportunity for Chase Elliott to prove his dominance in the sport. The reality of missing this race due to his team’s error is a significant blow to his career and racing resume.

Aside from the missed race, the suspension also brings with it financial consequences. With him absent from the upcoming race, there is no way for his team to compete, which consequently means they will miss out on any prize money that they could have potentially won. The amount of money lost for his team, sponsors, and even the driver could be in the millions.

However, it is important to note that Chase Elliott is not the only driver to have experienced such a penalty. Other drivers like Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, and Jimmie Johnson have all faced similar suspensions in the past, and this goes to show that the rules and regulations of the sport are clear and decisive, with no exceptions.

How does this affect Chase Elliott’s career?

For a driver like Chase Elliott, a suspension can be a significant setback in their career. Stock car racing is a highly competitive sport, and its athletes need to perform at their best to stay at the top of their game. To be suspended, even for one race, is a significant blow to their career and aspirations.

Being suspended also means losing out on important points and rankings, which could ultimately affect his chances of winning the championship. In a sport as competitive as NASCAR, every point counts, and a missed race can be the turning point that makes a difference in the championship title race. Additionally, sponsors usually offer their support to drivers who perform well consistently. Being suspended could lead to a decrease in support, and consequently, reduced earning potential for the driver.

Finally, being suspended can have an adverse psychological effect on a driver. Race car drivers are among the most competitive individuals, and any form of setback that keeps them from competing can take an emotional toll on them. The psychological pressure of competing in a sport as high stakes as NASCAR can be exhausting, and a suspension can add to the already existing stress.


In conclusion, Chase Elliott’s suspension resulted from a standard post-race inspection that found a loose lug nut on his car. The consequences of his suspension are many, including financial, competitive, and emotional losses. One mistake from his team could have significant effects on Elliott’s career and aspirations. It is a good reminder that even the smallest mistake in a sport like NASCAR can have significant repercussions.


On the evening of March 9, 2021, NASCAR announced that it had suspended popular driver Chase Elliott for a total of seven races. NASCAR stated that Elliott violated several policies laid down in the racing outfit’s rule book. This announcement came as a massive blow to Elliott’s fans and the racing community, as the driver is considered fast-rising and one of the most talented in the field today.

Violation of Rulebooks

Elliott incurred two penalties during the race held at Daytona’s Road Course on Feb. 21, 2021. The penalties included driving below the white out-of-bounds line during restart procedures and causing an intentional crash with Ryan Blaney. The act caused Blaney to crash into the wall, and Elliott’s vehicle eventually took itself out by hitting the wall as well. Elliott’s crew chief, Alan Gustafson, was also suspended for the same period since he had ultimate responsibility for Elliott’s car.

The suspension had an immediate impact on Elliott’s participation in the 2021 series. The driver missed the Dixie Vodka 400 and the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 after the Atlanta Motor Speedway race ended.

Appeal and Reinstatement of Suspension

Elliott’s Hendrick Motorsports team appealed the suspension immediately, but the panel upheld the decision on the track’s requirements for equal competition among drivers. The penalty stood, and Elliott was ineligible to race the following Sunday at Homestead-Miami Speedway. However, Elliott was still able to rack up points on the field as he had qualified for the race before the suspension.

Elliott, with only his crew chief, made his return to the track at Bristol Motor Speedway. However, the driver was unsuccessful at making it past the qualifying round. His subsequent race at Talladega Superspeedway, for which he automatically qualified, saw Elliott finish fifth after leading during the race.

Elliott’s Performance Once Reinstated

When the seven-race suspension ended, Elliott showed fans and the NASCAR community that he was still the driver to beat. He came back with a bang at the Circuit of the Americas, NASCAR’s first-ever road course event in Austin, TX. He started in pole position after qualifying and charged out of the blocks, leaving the rest of the field panting to catch up. By the end of the race, he was miles ahead of his nearest challenger, Kyle Larson, and won his first-ever NASCAR Cup race that was held on a road course.

Elliott saved his best for last as he went ahead to win the last two races of the 2021 schedule – Martinsville and Phoenix – held at the NASCAR Cup Series season-finale.


Chase Elliott’s career has been one of steady progression. He battled several setbacks and tragedies early in his career but has risen to become one of NASCAR’s most promising and exciting drivers to watch. Despite his seven-race suspension, he came back to end the 2021 season with a bang, showing his fans and the racing fraternity that he has what it takes to be among the best drivers that NASCAR has ever produced.

With the 2022 season underway, Elliott’s performances and achievements continue to shape the story of one of the most promising young NASCAR drivers ever